Appeal arguments on a Yukon Human Rights sexual harassment ruling have been extended another day.

A Yukon Supreme Court judge is reviewing the case against a Whitehorse man who exchanged hundreds of emails and text messages with a young female employee.

Four years ago, then-18 year old Devon Hanson left her job at a Whitehorse sporting goods store claiming her boss was sexually harassing her. Her boss, Mark Hureau, then 43, was also the woman's high school basketball coach at the time.

She complained to the Yukon Human Rights commission. The adjudicators said Hureau's behaviour constituted a mild form of sexual harassment, and ruled that, given the media attention to the case, their finding of discrimination was enough punishment,

In his appeal, Hureau's lawyers say the conduct was not sexual harassment and that adjudicators ignored his defence and heard evidence he wasn't allowed to refute. 

Hanson is also appealing the ruling. She says adjudicators failed to award her damages for loss of dignity even though they ruled she had been harassed. The adjudicators did award her three months wages and court costs.

Justice Ron Veale is expected to reserve his decision until after lawyers wrap up arguments Friday afternoon.