Two Yellowknife photographers captured stunning images of a blood red moon over the city during last night's lunar eclipse.

‘Here is my favourite image from last evening's shoot down on Yellowknife Bay,’ wrote Yellowknife photographer Arthur Boutilier on Facebook, of his shot of the moon rising over a houseboat frozen into the ice on Yellowknife Bay. .

He shot the photo around 9 p.m., just as the blood moon was rising.

“When I ventured down to the Bay on my bicycle from School Draw, the only thing I wasn't sure of was where exactly the Blood Moon would be rising, so I had to hustle along the ice road to the houseboats in order to 'create' this image in time,” he wrote.

Ian Wills posted a composite photograph of the moon and stars in the night sky to the Facebook group NWT Photography.

Wills calls his photograph a rough draft and says it’s made up of four separate photographs.

“I just want to be clear that to get a shot like this in-camera would be impossible,” he wrote.

Ian Wills' blood red moon over Yellowknife

Ian Wills posted this composite photograph, still what he calls a rough draft, in the Facebook group called NWT Photography. The image is made up of four separate photographs. (Ian Wills )