There have been more bison hit by cars along Highway 3 this year compared to last.

The number of bison being hit along highway 3 is up from last year.

At least nine bison were hit between July and mid-August, Fred Mandeville with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources says. Normally, there's only about four or five collisions in that period.

He says the department has discussed the possibility that the increase may due to the new Dehcho bridge, which allows people to travel at any time of day.

"During the middle of the night you're going to have a lot of travelling and stuff. Especially with the big truck traffic," he says. 

Mandeville says he can't say for sure if the bridge is the cause of more bison collisions but between now and spring is the time of year that drivers typically have more run-ins with bisons.

The government has been setting up bison road signs to remind people that bison are out there and they should drive cautiously along the roadway.