People in Fort Simpson, N.W.T. are remembering Billy Cholo as a jokester who was always willing to help out.

A body believed to be that of Cholo's was found by RCMP in Fort Simpson in a gazebo yesterday.

"Billy would have been embarrassed,” says Cholo’s uncle, Edward Cholo, sitting at his kitchen table surrounded by family and friends. “He doesn't like to be the centre of attention."

The 45-year-old hadn't been seen in the community since mid-December. At first, friends and family believed he was off on another trip, but Billy’s uncle was suspicious when he noticed that Cholo’s winter clothes and snowmobile had been left behind.

Now, almost everyone in this tight-knit town seems to have a story about Billy.

Billy Allen Cholo

A body believed to be that of Billy Cholo was found in Fort Simpson on Jan. 9. (Facebook)

"If he would see you shovelling the snow, anything outside, he would just pitch in and help you," Edward said.

Over 50 volunteers showed up yesterday to join in the search that fanned out over the community.

Billy’s family and friends say they are overwhelmed with support.

"A lot of phone calls, lots of phone calls…,” says Rose Betthale-Reid. “A lot of people say prayers for us, a lot of people out of town and in town, it's been great.

"It means there's a lot of caring people out there that you don't really know if they care unless something happens. If anything ever happens like this again, you know there's going to be people to help."

Police are treating the death as a homicide.

The RCMP major crimes unit and a forensic identification expert are in the community continuing the investigation.