The City of Whitehorse is going to expand the Robert Campbell Bridge – soon, it will add bike lanes on both sides.

Cyclist Scott Wilson said he loves the idea of the expansion of the extra room on the road leading to and from the Riverdale area. For now, he rides across with caution.

"You just need to be aware that you're in a tight space with other vehicles when you're on the bridge so bike lanes would be a big improvement," said Wilson.

The City of Whitehorse is getting funding from Ottawa and the territory to help pay for the project.

"We're trying to make it safer and easier for people to get across," said Wayne Tuck, the manager of engineering for the city.

"The existing sidewalks will be ripped up and basically widened to provide room enough to have a bike lane and sidewalk on both sides of the bridge," he said.

The project will be presented to council this fall. Construction is expected to start a little more than a year.