Officials from Bell Mobility were at a city committee meeting last night in Iqaluit to answer questions about the two cell phone towers they want to build in the city.

Iqalummiut already know that service is weak or non-existent in parts of the city, and the company agrees. It says two 35-metre cell phone towers could fix that. It's proposing to put one on a building near the airport, and the other behind Qikiqtani General Hospital.

Joanasie Akumalik is a city councillor and a member of the city’s Planning and Development Committee. He worried about putting a giant antenna so close to the hospital.

But Bell manager Brock Enderton says that in his business, that’s routine. “We locate cell sites on hospitals all the time, so it’s a very common location for cellular infrastructure.”

The new towers would bring cell phone service to places like Sylvia Grinnell park and the Plateau, which get spotty service now.

The new towers would be part of the 4G network the company plans to launch in Iqaluit sometime in 2014. That would allow customers to use the newest phones.