Beef sold in Nunavut has now joined hundreds of other products in one of the largest food recalls in Canadian history.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced Sunday that the recall includes beef packaged and sold on Styrofoam trays in Northern Stores, including ground beef, steaks, stewing beef and roasts.

The affected beef carries best before dates in September and October.

The recall also includes beef sausages made by Smith's Quality Meats, which may have been sold in Nunavut.

In Yukon and the Northwest Territories, all fresh beef products sold at Co-op with packed-on dates between Sept. 3 and Sept. 28 are being recalled.

For a complete list of the products involved, check with the local Northern Store, or visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's website.

If you suspect you have purchased some of the contaminated meat, check with your local retailer for a return, or throw it out.

So far, nine people in Alberta have become ill from E.coli.

The contaminated meat is coming from an XL Foods meat-packing plant in Brooks, Alberta.