Yukon conservation officers are again reminding people to clear their properties of attractants after a black bear and her cubs were spotted eating dandelions beside Whitehorse's Hamilton Boulevard in the Lobird neighbourhood Wednesday morning.

Bears are being seen regularly in subdivisions across the city.

Conservation Officer Aaron Koss-Young reminds residents to take precautions to keep themselves and bears safe.

"If a bear is around your property it's usually because there is an attractant, whether it is garbage or dog food, bird feeders even petroleum products like gas or oil can attract bears, so make sure you put those things away and they are locked up in a bear-proof container or a bear-proof area."

Conservation Officers are asking people to call if there is a bear in their neighbourhood or if they see an overflowing dumpster that might attract a bear.

They say there have been three incidents of bear-human conflict so far this year and two of them involved dumpsters.