A mother in Baker Lake, Nunavut, who lost a son to suicide is planning a healing walk this weekend.

Theresa Parker's son Brandon died by suicide last month. He was 19.

Theresa Parker

Theresa Parker of Baker Lake, Nunavut, who lost a son to suicide, is planning a healing walk this weekend. (courtesy of Theresa Parker)

Last summer, there was another suicide prevention walk in Baker Lake. Many young people took part.

Parker will walk on Saturday with her kids to raise awareness about suicide and mental health. She says the cold will not stop her from walking.

"I know it's cold, and it's January. The weight is too heavy on me. I have the feeling for everyone, so I'll continue walking, thinking about those who lost their loved ones. It's cold, but I'll continue the walk."

Parker is inviting people to join her on her walk. It begins Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m., by the community's Co-op store.