The hamlet of Baker Lake has taken over managing the community's radio station after complaints of inappropriate comments.

The hamlet's local public radio had been on and off for months, and should be back up and running in another week.

"We were hoping it would not be misused for inappropriate comments, but that was not the case so we decided to shut it down and hopefully form a new committee and they can take over," said Mayor Joseph Aupaluktuq.

Aupaluktuq said the Baker Lake Facebook page filled the gaps while the radio station was closed. But the abuse and slanderous comments spilled over to the social media site.

"Even that one was pretty ugly," he said. "Not just the radio station, it's also on Facebook, so sometimes it gets out of hand."

Last year the Municipal Training Organization held a campaign in Baker Lake and every community across Nunavut, saying that radio hosts have the responsibility to cut off anyone who uses obscene language over public airwaves‚Äč.

MTO executive director Matthew Ayres said given the number of business and political announcements, radio in small communities needs to be managed well.

"The radio is a lifeline for the community," he said. "So much communication takes place over the radio, much more than in the south."

Aupaluktuq said instead of people airing their dirty laundry on public airwaves they should write directly to the people in question.