Yukon's avalanche monitors are warning people to stay off the steep slopes in the White Pass region of northern British Columbia and southern Yukon.

The spring weather is expected to see large crowds of skiers and sledders in the area this weekend. 

But Justin Abbiss, the Yukon forecaster for the Canadian Avalanche Centre, says it’s almost impossible to tell which slopes are safe.

“We’ve got the danger rating at ‘considerable’,” he says. “It’s really a problem that is hard to assess because the problem isn’t on every slope. It’s a slope by slope decision, which requires more advanced skills.”

Abbiss says that means skiers and snowshoers should use extra caution when deciding which hills to tackle.

“They [should] choose safe terrain, choose smaller terrain that has less consequences, so if there were an avalanche, it’s not gonna be a big avalanche.”

The avalanche alert applies to all slopes between Carcross and Skagway and runs from today until Monday.