A 51-year old Austrian man is recovering from a back injury in Whitehorse hospital after a paragliding flight went awry late Thursday.

Whitehorse General Hospital officials have not released the man's name. He is in stable condition as of Friday.

Marsh Lake, Yukon

The man had flown to Yukon on Wednesday — aboard the first Whitehorse-bound Condor Airlines flight of the summer — to visit his friend, Wolf Schall of Marsh Lake.

Schall told CBC News they went on a paragliding flight on Thursday night, but something went wrong as they were coming in to land.

"He hit a very unexpected severe turbulence and his wing, the front of his wing, basically deflated and stopped flying," Schall told CBC News on Friday.

"So he got into a very fast descent, still having his wing over his head but coming down very fast."

The landing damaged one of the man's vertebrae in his back, but Schall says his friend is expected to make a full recovery.

Schall said his friend may end up returning to Austria on the second Condor flight next week, two weeks earlier than planned.