Aupaluk, Que., to replace school that burned down

The Kativik School Board is making arrangements to add more temporary classroom space over the summer, and then start building a new school on the same spot where the old school was destroyed by fire earlier this year.

New school expected to be ready in fall 2016

A fire destroyed Tarsakallak School in Aupaluk, Que., on March 15. (Facebook)

The Kativik School Board is planning to start construction on a new school in Aupaluk, Que., in 2015 to replace Tarsakallak School, which was destroyed in a fire March 15.

Since then, students have been studying in two makeshift classrooms at the Sukliateet Child Care Centre and five more in the community’s former municipal office.

Two makeshift classrooms were set up in the Sukliateet Child Care Centre in Aupaluk, Que. after fire destroyed the community's only school in March of 2014. This summer, the Kativik School Board plans to bring in a temporary building with four more classrooms and a gym. By fall of 2016, it hopes to have a new school in place. (Kativik School Board)

Next year, the Kativik School Board plans to add more provisional learning space using a temporary building that will be shipped up over the summer.

Jade Bernier, the public relations officer for the board, says it will have four more classrooms and a gymnasium, which will allow teachers to reintroduce sports and other extracurricular activities. 

“These haven't taken place as they were before, but we're hoping that with the new physical exercise room, this can start again in the fall."

New school for 2016

One of two classrooms inside the Sukliateet Child Care Centre. When class starts again in the fall, students will continue using this room, as well as other classrooms in the centre and in the community's former municipal office. (Kativik School Board)

Meanwhile, plans are underway to build a new school where the old one once stood.

Bernier says the school board is planning to begin work next summer, and have the doors open by fall 2016, but that’s subject to approval of the construction budget by Quebec’s Ministry of Education.