A 75-year old unilingual Inuk in Nunavut says social media can be great for elders too.

Tommy Tatatuapik is from Arctic Bay.

He recently opened a Facebook account.

"Before I got an account, I used to fear I would break the computer if I press the button," he says.

But Tatatuapik says it was relatively easy to learn once he figured out the basics.

Tatatuapik facebook photo

Tatatuapik uses Facebook to post photos, like this one of family members on the land near Arctic Bay. (Facebook)

He says social media is a good way to share information.

He says his list of Facebook friends is growing daily and they're from all over the world

Tatatuapik says he writes in Inuktitut, using the regular alphabet instead of Inuktitut syllabics, and he shares pictures.

He's amazed that information can spread with the click of a mouse, especially since when he grew up on the land, it would take months or even years to contact others.