Christina Asp testified Thursday she watched as her boyfriend beat Gordon Seybold to death with a baseball bat at Seybold’s Whitehorse home in 2008.

Asp gave the judge and jurors her account of the night of Seybold’s murder Thursday in Yukon Supreme Court. Asp and her boyfriend Norman Larue are charged with first-degree murder.


This photo of Norman Larue and Christina Asp is among photos police seized from Asp's camera shortly after her arrest in 2008. Most show her partying at her mother's home in Whitehorse. (exhibit of the Yukon Supreme Court)

Asp said she had no hand in the killing of Seybold.

She testified that the day Seybold died she and Larue had been drinking all night when he said he had some business to take care of. Asp said she was still drunk but insisted on going along.

She said Larue told her he needed to talk to someone who had disrespected Asp's mother.

Once at Seybold's home, she said Larue pushed his way into the house and started fighting. Asp told jurors she just watched. She said a baseball bat appeared at some point and Larue kept hitting Seybold until he stopped breathing. Then he lit the house on fire.

Her testimony in court conflicts with confessions tape-recorded by undercover police, which were played for the court earlier in the trial.

Asp told the undercover team Seybold almost overpowered Larue, and she delivered the final bat blows that killed him.

Asp is expected to face questions about those discrepancies when the trial resumes on June 11.