Costs are still being tallied, but preliminary figures suggest the recent trials to convict Gordon Seybold's killers may be the most expensive in Yukon history.

Total costs for the murder trials of Christina Asp and Norman LaRue are in excess of $1 million, with estimates as high as $2 million.


This photo of Norman Larue and Christina Asp was among photos police seized from Asp's camera shortly after her arrest in 2008. (Exhibit of the Yukon Supreme Court)

"I've been involved with Yukon legal aid for over 20 years and we've never had a trial of this nature. Nothing even close," said Nils Clarke, executive director for Yukon legal aid.

His office helps about 1,600 hundred clients each year, and the average legal fees are about $700 per case.

He said two lawyers for the Asp and Larue defence took $340,000 out of his budget.

"It's expensive, it's extremely expensive," he said.

"I mean we have the smallest legal aid plant in Canada, so we run a very efficient operation. This is not very efficient."

The Yukon Government has totalled jury costs for the two trials at just under $150,000.

Prosecution costs for two senior lawyers involved are estimated at $500,000.

At the same time, RCMP say it's practically impossible to total costs for their 18 month investigation. It included an elaborate undercover sting in Alberta that saw both suspects confess their roles in the Gordon Seybold killing.

Federal prosecutor Noel Sinclair refused to speculate on police expenses.

"This was a difficult case to crack, so from all angles it's going to consume resources," he said.

One of the defense lawyers has promised an appeal.