Yukon athletes prepare to board charter plane to Alaska


   More than 2000 people will be in Fairbanks Alaska this week to compete in the 2014 Arctic Winter Games.

    Most will arrive by air charter. Games organizers say additional airport staff and customs officials will be on hand to process the teams.

    Karen Lane is the General Manager of the games. She says, "There are over 14 charters, so coming in is great.  They are actually spread out pretty well. Going out is going to be a little more challenging.  So we can process about 300 people an hour going out of our airport, so it's going to be fun times".

     There may be more of a log jam at the airport after the games wrap up next Sunday.  That's because many teams will travel home immediately following the  closing ceremonies.

      Athletes will represent  Alaska, Greenland, Northern Alberta, Northwest Territories, Nunavik, Nunavut, Sami, Yukon and the Yamalo-Nenets area of Russia. 

     They will compete in 21 disciplines, including arctic sports and Dene Games.

     The Arctic Winter Games run from March 16 - 22, 2014