The Arctic Jubilee Expedition team summited Mount Barbeau on Ellesmere Island on Thursday.

The peak of Mount Barbeau, at 2,616 metres, is the highest point in the Canadian Arctic’s Queen Elizabeth Islands, which were named after the monarch at the time of her coronation in 1952. The U.K./Canadian expedition is part of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

"More people have summited Mount Everest than Mount Barbeau due to its isolated location," said expedition leader Antony Jinman in a press release. "This accomplishment is more in line with the heritage of Arctic expeditions of the past."

The group plans to summit Mount Whistler, the second highest peak in the region, on Sunday.

The team is also preparing for what is billed as the British Commonwealth’s most remote tea party this weekend and plans to send a video message to the Queen.

There are five British citizens and two Canadians on the trip, including Johnny Issaluk of Iqaluit, who received a Diamond Jubilee medal in February for his service to Nunavummiut.