The 20 full-time hamlet employees in the Nunavut community of Arctic Bay will not go on strike this Christmas.

The members of the Nunavut Employees Union voted at the end of October with "overwhelming support" to strike for better pay.

Bill Fennell, the president of the union, said they served a strike notice on Dec. 5, but ultimately decided not follow through at this time.

Bill Fennell President Nunavut Employees Union

Bill Fennell, president of the Nunavut Employees Union says a variety of factors, including the recent municipal election, played into the union's decision to not strike over Christmas. (David Gunn/CBC)

Recreation employees are responsible for running the Christmas games in the community and without them, Fennell said it would "cancel Christmas."

A strike would have also barred union members from participating in the games, and Fennell said even rumours of a strike were already dividing the community when he visited this month.

"It's not good timing for ... the members, because they're not going to be able to attend games with their family and friends, because the games are on hamlet property, so they can't cross a line."

Fennell said another reason to delay striking was the results of the municipal election. Residents of Arctic Bay elected Frank May as mayor and four new councillors were acclaimed.  

"After the election we did talk to one of the candidates, who I won't name, who said they would look at what's happening," said Fennell.

"Overall it was not good timing for the hamlet or the employees."

With files Kieran Oudshoorn