A 39-year-old Iqaluit man testified Wednesday that an underage girl who says she had sex with him is trying to make him pay because he rejected her advances.

AndrĂ© Doucet has pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual assault, assault and intimidation involving a 14-year-old girl. He is being tried before a judge and jury in Iqaluit.

In 2012, Doucet was living with the girl's father at an apartment belonging to Dereck Emmons, also known in Iqaluit as Polar Man. Emmons was called to testify by the defence via videoconference from Kingston, Ont. 

Both he and Doucet testified they were not comfortable with the idea of the girl moving into the apartment. Emmons testified he did not believe Doucet and the girl were involved in a sexual relationship and said he did not believe the girl was in love with Doucet. 

Doucet testified he never had sex with the girl and was uncomfortable with what he described were her attempts to seduce him.

He testified she kissed him on the cheek when he was first introduced to her by her father. He said she would try to flirt with him and on one occasion rubbed his leg.

"I rejected her," he said. "That rejection must have hurt her in more ways than one. She couldn't have me so she's trying to make me pay for it, I guess."

Father says accused asked to date his daughter

The complainant's father testified Doucet had asked him if he could go out with his daughter. The father said he agreed to it, believing the two would not be involved sexually because of the differences in their ages.

He said Doucet told him he loved his daughter and that he trusted their relationship wouldn't go beyond holding hands and hugging. He said his daughter and Doucet would sleep together in a closet in the apartment, but with their clothes on.

"My daughter wouldn't do it," he said.

When asked if he supported the relationship, he replied yes.

He said he told his daughter to be careful and if something happened between her and Doucet, to let him know.

Denies threatening, assaulting girl

Doucet said the two never slept in the same room.

The complainant testified earlier this week that Doucet told her he had installed cameras at her school to watch her and had threatened to burn down her mother's house if she ended the relationship. She also testified he tried burning her feet with a Coleman stove and choked her for six seconds in March 2013. 

Doucet denied uttering threats or assaulting the complainant.

On Monday, a police officer testified that when he arrested Doucet, he said "but she is my girlfriend."

Doucet testified he told the officer "but she isn't my girlfriend."

The trial will continue Thursday with closing arguments.