Alexco Resources says its Flame and Moth deposit at Yukon’s Keno mine is turning out to be the best discovery in the area in the past 50 years.

Alexco's president Clynt Nauman says the deposit includes more than 20 million ounces of silver plus gold and lead-zinc.

Nauman says the results of its summer drilling program suggest a bright future for the Keno area.

“Flame and Moth has the potential to be the underpinning of the future development of this district for quite a number of years in front as the district develops with additional mines in the future.”

Nauman says this will not affect the company's indefinite shutdown of the Bellekeno mine. That process is underway now and should be almost complete in a few weeks.

But Nauman says Alexco can include the new results in its planning with a view to re-opening Bellekeno when the financial situation improves.