A heated meeting in Fort Resolution, N.W.T., Tuesday night took aim at the issue of drugs and alcohol.

The meeting was called following a number of violent and tragic incidents in the community.

About 50 people met at the Antoine Beaulieu Hall to discuss the issue and find ways to turn things around.

Tempers flared. Those in attendance want something done about the community’s problem with drugs and alcohol.

Resident Toni Lafferty said she wants people to go after the bootleggers and drug dealers.

"Let's get them off the god damn street while they're driving their fancy vehicles or living in their houses or whatever. Come on let's go get them. Why are you guys so afraid of them? Say who they are," she demanded.

N.W.T. Justice Minister Glen Abernathy was at the meeting. He said the RCMP needs people to speak out in order to get to those who are causing the problem.

"The RCMP know who the bootleggers are. But unless somebody's going to come forward and say ‘I bought this bottle from bootlegger number one’, we can't convict them. We need your help," he said.

Some said the RCMP is not doing enough to deal with the problem, while others pointed towards education, saying drug and alcohol awareness needs to be added to the school curriculum.