Alberta mom, daughter charged with drug trafficking in Yukon

Police in Watson Lake, Yukon, have charged two women from Edmonton with drug trafficking.

Eight packets of crack cocaine, $4K seized from RV

Police in Watson Lake, Yukon, have charged a mother and daughter from Edmonton with drug trafficking.

Two women, aged 45 and 20, were arrested on Saturday in Watson Lake's downtown RV park.

Police seized eight individually wrapped packages of crack cocaine weighing 2.4 grams from an RV, as well as $4,000 in cash, a detailed drug score card and an extendable baton. 

Watson Lake RCMP Cpl. Ryan Bulford says recent drug busts in the community have left a vacuum that's being filled by drug dealers from elsewhere.

"We've executed five search warrants since April and as we're arresting drug traffickers and taking them off the street, it leaves a void and people see there's an opportunity for money to be made in trafficking, and they will come into town and set up shop and start to sell drugs," he said.

Bulford says the pair had been in Watson Lake for a short time, and have no connection to the community. They were scheduled to appear in court in Whitehorse Monday. He says the two were being investigated by police leading up to their arrest. 

The RCMP are now analyzing cellphones and other devices seized from the RV for more information.