The Alaska Highway historic military convoy, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the highway's construction, arrived in Whitehorse Friday.

The drivers and their vehicles left Dawson Creek, B.C., three weeks ago and travelled through Yukon up to the Arctic Circle and over to Alaska. Now they’re on their way back down the Alaska Highway.

"This is the most traffic we've seen on our entire trip," said Joe Allison from Arkansas.

There are more than 70 historic vehicles in the convoy and about 30 support vehicles. Whitehorse is a rest stop for the crew so drivers and vehicles will be at the Yukon Transportation Museum all day Saturday.

They've been travelling for weeks on isolated northern roads but convoy members, such as Allison, couldn't be happier.

"I love military vehicles and when I was a kid I saw pictures of jeeps and everything in World War II," he said. "I went into service and drove them in service and, therefore, that's what makes me like them."

Transportation Museum director Casey McLaughlin said the public is welcome to drop by on the weekend.

"They're going to do a show and shine," she said. "We're going to have talks regarding the White Pass how it helped the highway and also we're going to have a barbecue."

The convoy continues south on Sunday.