Air Tindi pilot brakes hard after window opens during takeoff

A large window on the side of a 9-seater Air Tindi airplane opened during takeoff in Yellowknife yesterday, giving passengers a scare… including one who was aboard another Air Tindi flight two years ago that crashed and killed two people.
Air Tindi plane window opens on takeoff 1:17

Passengers aboard a plane departing from Yellowknife to LutselK'e yesterday had a scare as they were taking off.

Passenger Saniz Catholique says a large window on the side of the nine-seater aircraft swung open as it was barrelling down the runway.

Catholique says the pilot put on the brakes when the passengers screamed for him to stop.

She says her cousin, who was also on board, was in a plane crash with the same airline two years ago. Two people were killed in that crash.

"He was super nervous and totally freaked out by then,” she told CBC. “Because we had to really push on the brakes to stop… We were already going down the tarmac to take off and it just opened… we totally had to just slam on the brakes and just stop and he was just really shaken up."

Catholique says once the plane stopped, Air Tindi employees inspected the plane and made sure all latches were closed.

The Cessna Grand Caravan landed safely in Lutsel K'e that afternoon. The plane was the same model as the one that crashed two years ago. 

A spokesperson for Air Tindi says the company regrets the concern the incident may have caused passengers. 

Company spokesperson, Sheila Venman, said in an email that the plane was moving at about 75 km/h when a warning light indicated a latch was not properly closed. 

"The takeoff was aborted and the aircraft taxied back to the Air Tindi ramp for inspection," Venman wrote. "The outer latch of the left cargo door was readjusted and the annunciator light was extinguished. The aircraft then proceeded for its journey without further incident."


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