An Air Inuit Dash 8 on its way to Greenland made an emergency landing at the Kuujjuaq, Que., airport Wednesday.

The charter flight was about halfway to Nuuk when the plane had to return to Kuujjuaq because of hydraulic problems.

It landed safely but had to be towed to the terminal.

The plane was carrying parents of Arctic Winter Games athletes. Their flight from Kuujjuaq to Nuuk was postponed Sunday due to bad weather. Then there were mechanical problems which delayed their flight Tuesday.

Makivik Corporation vice-president Adamie Alaku was on board Wednesday's aborted flight and said no one was hurt but they were disappointed at another flight delay.

"We are trying to get there to support our athletes and participants at the games," he said in Inuktitut.

"We have parents here and family and officials who are eager to get out there and see them in action and cheer on our fellow Nunavimmiut. It's just really exciting and we are anxious to get there."

Alaku said another plane was scheduled to fly the group to Nuuk late Wednesday afternoon.