Another search is underway in Nunavut’s Kivalliq region, this time for a worker at the Meliadine mine site near Rankin Inlet.

The man was last seen Tuesday morning. He was travelling by snowmobile to a drill site on Agnico-Eagle's Meliadine gold project.

Since then, searchers from the community and Agnico-Eagle have been looking for him.

"There are a number of hunting and fishing camps in the area, so we're hopeful that the person has taken refuge in one of those," said Dale Coffin, spokesperson for Agnico-Eagle.

"So it's a process of going through all the areas, checking all the hunting and fishing camps that are there and checking all the trails as well."

The man is an employee of the drilling contractor Boart Longyear. The company has not released his name, but friends have identified him as 39-year-old Michel Justin Pilon of Timmins, Ont. 

He has been with the company for two years. His friends say he is the father of three-year-old triplets, one son and a step-son.

Coffin said he was travelling with three other co-workers from the Meliadine camp to a drill rig about three kilometres away.

Coffin said the trail was marked, but some snow meant visibility was about 500 metres.

Since then, the weather has gotten worse, with blizzard conditions expected throughout Wednesday.

Searchers from four Kivalliq communities including Rankin Inlet also continue to seek a Baker Lake elder who reportedly fell off a sled towed by a snowmobile May 7 while travelling back to the community.