The federal minister responsible for economic development in the North says the CanNor agency needs to do better at documenting expenses.

But Leona Aglukkaq maintains no money was wasted.

Aglukkaq has been under fire in recent weeks since the Comptroller General found it broke financial management laws.

She says the agency is dealing with the problems raised.

"There was no fraud, there was no misappropriate, no over-expenditures. The processes we have in place now, we’re going to improve them, we’re going to address it," she said.


Leona Aglukkaq, the minister responsible for the Canadian Northern Economic Development, said no money was wasted at the agency. (CBC)

Aglukkaq says some of the changes may be as simple as attaching a boarding pass to a travel claim.

CanNor was created in 2009, and Aglukkaq says the problems raised in the audit are issues new organizations often face.

Aglukkaq was in Yellowknife Tuesday to announce more than $5 million over three years to fund mapping for bedrock, petroleum and mineral resources. CanNor will fund about $3 million, the Northwest Territories government will provide about $1 million, and the private sector will fund the rest.

Aglukkaq said this will help provide information on the location of valuable mineral deposits in the Northwest Territories.