After power outage, Daryl Dolynny wants contingency fund

Northwest Territories MLA Daryl Dolynny is calling on people to tally their costs after water lines in over 100 homes and businesses froze during a power outage Dec. 29.

Pipes froze in 100 of homes and businesses during a power outage Dec. 29

The MLA for Range Lake wants people affected by the power outage on December 29 to tally their costs.

After a three-hour power outage in Yellowknife, the water lines in more than a hundred homes and businesses froze.

Some people are still waiting for their lines to be thawed.

Daryl Dolynny wants to see a contingency fund considered for expensive power outages, like this one.

"There's probably tens of thousands of dollars of costs out there that aren't covered under insurance,” Dolynny says.

“I think people should ask and I think we should provide a response, whether it’s from the government or Northwest Territories Power Corporation, but that raises a concern: do we carry liability insurance? Do we carry that contingency monies for disaster relief for individuals who can't afford it."

The Northwest Territories Power Corporation says as it stands, it can't offer compensation to people who are facing costs connected to the power outage, because the corporation has never guaranteed their service won’t be interrupted.