Kativik School board officials are in Aupaluk, Nunavik looking for places where classes can be held after a fire destroyed the community's only school.  

"It might be the case that we would hold different classes in different buildings,” says Jade Bernier, a public relations officer with the board. “We're looking at the size of the building and the current state of the building, whether the building would need repair or a bit of renovation."

This week, students are on March break, but Bernier says the board hopes to resume classes next Monday, as scheduled.

The school board is preparing to ship school supplies, such as tables, chairs, pencils, paper and lesson plans, to the community.

Bernier says the school was also a community hub and area for extracurricular activities. Those will have to be moved or postponed.

Fifty-four students attend the school.

Bernier says the school was built in the 1960s and the board was planning to expand and renovate it this year.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, but the Kativik Regional Police Force says no foul play is suspected.

No one was injured when the fire tore through the school on Saturday.