Adventure park at Mount Sima may reopen

The WildPlay adventure park at Mount Sima in Whitehorse may open this summer, pending a deal with a group of local investors.

The WildPlay adventure park at Mount Sima in Whitehorse may open this summer, pending a deal with a group of local investors.

A few years ago, the hope was the adventure park would help the struggling ski hill make money year round.

Rod Taylor, vice-president of the Friends of Mount Sima society, says a long-term solution for Mount Sima's financial problems won't be found until the issue of the summer adventure park is resolved. (CBC)

The adventure park opened in the summer of 2012. In 2013, the Great Northern Ski Society closed it for the season on July 2. It wasn't profitable and its debt is significant.

Now Friends of Mount Sima and a group of investors are looking to help the park get off the ground again.

"Until we deal with the WildPlay issue, it's always going to be the elephant in the room," said Rod Taylor, vice-president of the Friends of Mount Sima Society. "I get asked every day when are we going to come up with a long-term solution for Sima and my first answer is we're not going to have any solution until the WildPlay issue is resolved."

The idea is to sell 12 shares at around $15,000 a piece. Those investors will each get one per cent of royalties.

Northern Vision Development is one of the companies willing to buy in, but it doesn't expect this deal to be a big money maker.

"Ultimately it's one way of being able to support it without writing a sponsorship cheque, and also to give the operators some certainty and some stability in the month of January so they can make some commitments for this coming summer," said Philip Fitzgerald with Northern Vision Development.

Like Northern Vision Development, some of the companies showing interest so far are previous sponsors.