A Yellowknife woman charged with growing and possessing marijuana for the purpose of trafficking told a jury Thursday she started growing marijuana because the drug was the best way to treat pain she suffers as a result of a spinal injury.

Kim MacNearney and her husband Craig are accused of running an illegal marijuana growing operation in their Northland Trailer Park home.

She said they are a single income family with two children and could not afford to buy marijuana on the streets. MacNearney also said they never sold any of the marijuana they grew.

MacNearney said she had been taking Tylenol 3s and other drugs to treat her pain for years but they had many side effects, including dizziness and severe constipation, and became less and less effective in treating her pain.

MacNearney was questioned by her lawyer about a text conversation in which a man, Rob Green, asked Craig MacNearney if he had any meds.

She said Green and his wife are close friends and that they smoked marijuana together regularly.

In the texts — which police retrieved from Craig MacNearney's cell phone after his arrest — Craig MacNearney says he has "green meds" and that "Kim will hook you up."

Green later texts back asking Craig MacNearney if he's got any use for a cordless drill.

Police saw that as an offer to trade the drill for the marijuana.

But Kim MacNearney says she and her husband have never sold marijuana.

Green also testified Thursday. He said he was moving out of Yellowknife and trying to unload items and was simply asking the MacNearneys — who he knew did not have a lot of money — if they had any use for the old drill.

Kim MacNearney now has a Health Canada licence to possess up to 360 grams of marijuana. 

She says she would never have tried growing marijuana in her home if she had realized how severe the consequences could be.

Their children were apprehended and put in foster care for two weeks following their arrest. 

MacNearney is scheduled to be questioned by the prosecutor Friday.


  • Kim and Craig MacNearney are charged with growing and possessing marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. Incorrect information appeared in an earlier version of this story.
    Dec 06, 2013 9:58 AM CT