A man accused of murder in Whitehorse testified that he was lying when his murder confession was taped by undercover police officers.

Norman LaRue, 31, told his story to a Yukon Supreme Court Jury Tuesday. He maintains he had no role in the 2008 death of Gordon Seybold.

LaRue said his girlfriend Christina Asp, concocted the story of Seybold's murder to earn credibility with the crime family she was working for the following year.

LaRue insisted he knows nothing about how Seybold really died.

He said a year after Seybold’s death, he was in jail when Asp smuggled him a letter detailing what she was telling people about the death. Her letter wrote that they should tell people they both killed Seybold.

LaRue said the news angered him at first, but he memorized the story and disposed of the letter.

Those people Asp was telling were supposedly a crime family she was working for. In reality, they were undercover police officers who had duped Asp into a murder confession.

When LaRue eventually met his girlfriend's gangster friends, he went along with the story because he feared repercussions if he didn't.

He insisted in court that none of that is true. He said he just played along with the ruse, selling himself to the crime family mobsters in the hope that he could later get Asp away from them.

The trial for LaRue has been going on for three months.

Prosecutors and the defence are getting ready to make final arguments this week. Jury deliberations are scheduled to begin after the July 1 holiday weekend.