Norman LaRue testified that he had nothing to do with the killing of Gordon Seybold in Whitehorse in 2008.

LaRue, who is accused of murder, said his girlfriend, Christina Asp, made up the story about murdering Seybold to endear him to her new crime family employers.

Previously in the trial, jurors heard several recorded conversations where Asp and LaRue discuss their roles in Seybold’s murder.

LaRue's lawyer, Ray Dienno, opened his defence by telling jurors his client must prove nothing. He reminded them that LaRue was not under oath when he detailed his involvement to undercover police officers.

Dienno said now, after swearing on the bible, LaRue would tell the truth.

On the stand, LaRue answered in a matter-of-fact manner about his detailed criminal history, starting from his youth record.

He was on parole after serving jail time for a serious assault when he met fellow parolee Christina Asp in Vancouver. Together, they broke their parole conditions to visit her family in Whitehorse.

LaRue said he never heard of the deceased Gordon Seybold until he was charged with the murder.

When asked why his girlfriend would tell such a story, LaRue said it was because she wanted him to become involved with the criminal gang she was working for at the time.

Asp is currently serving a life sentence for the murder.