Activists in Iqaluit are organizing another protest this weekend against the high price — and poor quality — of food at the local grocery story.

This is the fifth protest in three years organized by Feeding My Family, a movement meant to raise awareness about the high cost of food in the North and how that prevents many northerners from having happy, productive lives.

"I kind of see it like it's an intimidation," said Leesee Papatsie, founder of Feeding My Family. "We'll-do-what-we-want-don't-say-anything style. It wouldn't happen down South; why is it happening up here?"

A study released in March says Inuit have the highest food insecurity rate — defined as having access to safe, healthy food — than any other indigenous population at 68 per cent. That's nearly eight times the national average. 

That's why Papatsie continues to protest the high cost of food in Iqaluit. 

She started the Feeding My Family Facebook group, which now has more than 20,000 members, back in June 2012. Two weeks later, a group of activists was at the Northmart in town.

"My main target is [getting] other Nunavummiut to stand up," Papatise said at the time. "That's my main target. Because this is not [the] Inuit traditional way of doing things." 

Papatsie says two years later she's still unhappy with Northmart for selling overpriced food, some of which she says is past its sell-by date or is even rotten.

The protest is from 1 to 2 p.m. ET Saturday.