The head of the Yukon Medical Association says the doctor shortage in Whitehorse could soon be over.

Dr. Rao Tadepalli says four new doctors are expected to begin taking patients by January. He says that should be enough to meet demand.


Rao Tadepalli, head of the Yukon Medical Association, says the doctor shortage in Whitehorse could be over with the hiring of four new family physicians.

Until now, doctors moving to the city have been taking over existing practices.

Tadepalli says the latest numbers from the government show 1,500 people need a family doctor. He says his association and the government are talking about how to make sure those people are accommodated.

“There are ongoing discussions between the government and our association to have a list,” he said.

“In other words, you get on the list and they're then assigned to a family doctor who has walked in new, or when there is room available within some family doctor practices.”

Tadepalli says people who need a doctor but haven't registered with the government should do that.

He credits the government's physician recruitment office and local medical practices for doing a better job of selling Whitehorse as a good place to work and live.