Environment Canada hasn't determined if this week's snowfall in southern Yukon is a new record. 

Meteorologist Ross MacDonald says 25 to 40 centimetres of snow fell across the southern part of the territory and 36 cm fell at the Whitehorse airport.

Snow on Jack London

Snow covers the bust of Jack London in downtown Whitehorse on Thursday. Environment Canada says the huge snowfalls in Yukon this week are 'significant' but still isn't sure whether they've broken any records. (Brian Boyle/CBC)


"It certainly is significant,” Macdonald says. “Record breaking? That I cannot tell you at this point.”

About 30cm of snow has blanketed Whitehorse and more winter weather is expected.

The forecast today is calling for 70 km/h winds combined with blowing snow.

There's also a blizzard warning along the Dempster Highway in the north.

Macdonald says the system will lead to unusually warm weather tomorrow.

“Typically, we see the temperatures fall at night. We're actually going to see them rise over night and right to tomorrow afternoon we will reach the freezing mark, so 0 degrees expected by tomorrow afternoon.”

But don't put your parka too far out of reach.  

McDonald says the southern Yukon will return to more seasonal temperatures next week.