2nd man this summer uses Facebook Live to threaten police in Hall Beach, Nunavut

Three months after a man in Hall Beach, Nunavut, was killed by police after live streaming he wanted to 'die by police,' another man from the same community ran a threatening live steam, but surrendered unharmed to police.

The man, 27, is now safely in custody after surrendering, unlike the first man who was killed

Hall Beach, Nunavut, population 848, has now seen two men take to social media this summer to threaten the public and the police. (Google Maps)

A man from Hall Beach, Nunavut, has surrendered to RCMP after broadcasting a threatening video on social media. This comes just three months after another man in the same community was killed by police after live streaming he wanted to "die by police."

In this most recent incident, the 27-year-old man used Facebook's live stream feature to threaten violence against the public and the police, RCMP say.

The RCMP received a call about the live stream from a concerned community member just after 2:30 a.m., Wednesday morning.

The man's Facebook feed had photos posted showing him holding a rifle with violent captions, police say.

The RCMP's critical incident command unit in Iqaluit was notified and they made contact with the man.

After a brief negotiation, he surrendered to police officers outside his home. The man is now in custody, with criminal charges pending.

Nunavut has seen a series of violent incidents in the past several months, including three instances where men were shot by police in the span of five months. 

Those deaths were followed by several more incidents, including armed standoffs in TaloyoakPond Inlet and Resolute Bay, in which police stressed that peaceful outcomes were not guaranteed.