A father-and-son Yukon hunting team has to pay thousands of dollars in fines after allowing two friends to hunt in a restricted area of the territory.

John Robinson has been fined $9,600 and his father, Allan, has been fined $12,600. The pair also has to forfeit their ATVs and are banned from hunting in Yukon until 2027.

The penalties stem from 2009 when they went hunting with two friends from Alberta in the Yukon. The Robinsons got a special licence which allowed them to take non-Yukoners out on a hunt.

However, they took their friends to an area near Ross River where caribou hunting is restricted.

The father and son team allowed the Albertans, Jay Dutton and Drew Chalifoux, to hunt unaccompanied. The hunters killed a moose and two caribou. The Robinsons then instructed the Albertans to lie about where they killed the animals.

When conservation officers confronted the Alberta hunters, they eventually admitted their guilt. Dutton and Chalifoux have each been fined $7,600.

Further investigation online showed the Robinsons had done the exact same illegal hunt two years previous. They were convicted on that last spring and fined $5,000 each which is still owing and is added to this week's penalty.