The deadline for clearing out the houseboats at Yellowknife’s Giant Mine town site has come and gone and two of the four boats are still sitting at the public dock.

The City of Yellowknife set a deadline of 3 p.m. July 31 for owners to remove the boats. It says the dock is for recreational and municipal uses only, and not a residential area.


Jeff Humble, director of planning for the City of Yellowknife, said one of the remaining houseboats at the Giant Mine dock has broken floats and no one has claimed the other. (CBC)

Jeff Humble, director of planning for the city, said one of the boats has broken floats.

"We want to try and figure out if there's a solution to crane it out or to relocate it somehow, so we have to do a little bit of site assessment and work with that particular owner," he said.

"That particular owner's been co-operative. They've indicated that they do want to adhere to the city's order so based upon that we're hoping that we can find a solution."

As for the other remaining houseboat, Humble said no one has claimed ownership and the city is looking at ways to remove it.