Two trucks carrying a mix of water, chemicals and sand that was used at ConocoPhillips' N.W.T. fracking project slid off the Sahtu winter road in the past week.

Both were transporting the fluid south to a disposal facility outside the territory.

The first rolled onto its side Friday as it approached a bridge 142 kilometres north of Wrigley. The second jack-knifed into a ditch in Norman Wells on Monday.

ConocoPhillips and the N.W.T. Department of Transportation say there were no spills or injuries.

A month ago, an above-ground pond holding freshwater for fracking gave out, spilling the 2,700 cubic metres it was holding. There have also been small wastewater spills and one injury on site this season.

The Sahtu winter road is now under a night-time only travel restriction for large trucks.