The opening day of the snowboard competition saw two young athletes taken away from the hill in an ambulance.

The incidents were unrelated, but similar.

Kenny Ruptash, an Arctic Winter Games official for the sport of snowboarding, said that during training time, a junior female from the N.W.T. went off a jump and caught an edge.

"The medics on site just felt that she should be assessed further, she was showing a few concussion symptoms," said Ruptash.

The other incident involved a male snowboarder from Greenland. Ruptash said during his third competition run, the boarder also fell.

"I think he just kind of caught an edge or went off it funny and didn't really have enough speed, so it was on the step-up jump and [he] hit it with his back. Got the wind knocked out of him, but he was showing concussion signs as well."

Both athletes were taken to hospital as a precaution.

Akara Skiste, with Greenland’s mission, said his snowboarder has been released from hospital.

"He's okay now…there has not been [an] accident with him. That's why we called for the ambulance - to be sure," said Skiste.

Team NWT is still waiting for more details on its boarder.