A group of men in Yellowknife are teaming up to help local charities and launching a chapter of One Hundred Men Who Give A Damn.

"It's a movement that is taking place across North America to show that men care about our communities" says Paul Shearme, a member of the Yellowknife group.

The idea is to bring together 100 men committed to local community causes.

The group meets four times a year, and each member donates $100 at each meeting.

Paul Shearme

Paul Shearme is one of the men who launched the Yellowknife chapter of 100 Men Who Give a Damn. The group meets four times a year to donate money to local charities and not-for-profit organizations. (CBC)

"Anybody who is a member can nominate a charity, and then at the meeting we will draw three of those nominations out of a hat," says Shearme.

"Whoever nominated those three charities has five minutes to pitch those charities to the group. Following those presentations, the group votes."

Shearme is hoping at least 100 men will sign up, which would mean at least $10,000 would be donated to a local charity or not-for-profit organization, but he's not limiting the group to that number.

"We are looking to get as many men as we can. The name is 100 men, but I would love to see 200 or more."

'It's awesome'

The group formed about a week ago, but it's already generating some excitement in the city.

"It's awesome, it's a great idea," says Nicole Spencer, the president of the NWT SPCA.

Nicole Spencer

"Any non-profit would be lucky to get that [money]," says the president of the NWT SPCA, Nicole Spencer. (CBC)

"Any non-profit would be lucky to get that money, it's a lot," says Spencer. But she's not surprised by the group's generosity.

"Yellowknife comes together all the time, we're an amazing city for that. So this doesn't surprise me that it's brought here, it's just one more good thing about this community."

The group's first meeting is scheduled for Feb. 24.