The Yellowknife Food Bank is looking for ways to help fund its very first rent payment, after moving locations on Saturday.

The organization used to be in the basement of Overlanders Sport, where it didn't pay any rent . But the shop has decided to expand its store into the basement, so the food bank had to find a new home.

"It's a very amiable move," said Grant Pryznyk, president of the Yellowknife Food Bank. 

But the change does come at a cost for the organization. Pryznyk expects to pay $1,500 per month for rent and electricity at the food bank's new location at 6 Coronation Dr. in the Kam Lake Industrial Park, a cost he didn't have before now.

"So we're going to have to kick it up a notch and start some fundraising program to make up that difference now," Prynyk said."

"The community has been great for us in the past, and we hope that they'll be able to step up and help us with this one too."

The big move

About 20 volunteers helped the food bank move from its old downtown to Kam Lake, which included hauling about 1000 lbs. of food, as well as desks, appliances and shelving. 

Pryznyk says the new space is 800 square feet  about a third larger than the old one, and doesn't have stairs, which were sometimes an inconvenience for people with arms full of food. 

Pryznyk thinks the new location is ideal for clients because it has "street-level access, not too far off the beaten trail."

"Hopefully we can serve our clients better," he said.