Rural Cable TV Subscribers in most of this province have had their CBC Newsworld switched off.

Most rural cable providers in Saskatchewan are owned by Newfoundland-based Regional Cablesystems, which dropped CBC Newsworld from its 650 systems this month.

Company spokesman John Reid said Newsworld is increasing its monthly fee by eight cents per subscriber next month. And Regional Cablesystems didn't want to pass the increase on to subscribers. Nor is it willing to absorb the cost, Reid said.

"Newsworld had always shown on the radar screen to be one of our highest fees," Reid added. "In black and white, it was a cost decision based on the fact we think our resources are better served elsewhere."

Reid says after Regional converts to digital service, it may bring Newsworld back -- as a premium service.

A spokesperson for CBC Newsworld says the decision to drop its channel from rural areas of Saskatchewan is disappointing. Tony Berman says the increased fee is to provide more coverage and programming about the very same rural areas that no longer get Newsworld.