There's a new extreme sport in Clarenville, which involves hurtling down a hill in a human-sized hamster ball.

The sport revolves around a giant, inflated ball called a zorb. It has two small holes on either side where thrill-seekers enter and exit.

Riders are strapped into harnesses, and the ball is given a big push over a hill.

Neil Dawe, owner of Lakeside at Thorburn, came across two zorbs this summer and saw the chance to turn his campground's huge hill into a year-round attraction.

So far, Dawe said it's been a success.

"We get a lot of different reactions. It's a great spectator sport, everyone watches it and dares each other to do it, it's a chicken type thing — you don't wanna let your buddy down. If he's brave enough to go, you gotta give it a shot," Dawe said.

Rolling down a big hill in a zorb means you do a lot of flipping around, but Dawe said no one has gotten sick — yet.

"I'm a bit of a chicken myself, and i managed to keep my stomach in. So if I can do it, almost anybody can," Dawe said.

Once the winter comes, zorb rides will continue by bouncing the zorb on the ice on Thorburn Lake.

Can come with risks

Zorbing — a sport in new Zealand for 20 years — has been controversial in other countries.

In 2009, a teacher died while trying zorbing in the Czech Republic. A student suffered serious injuries in the same accident.

In January 2013, a father of two died when the zorb he was in rolled out of control and went off course on a rocky mountain.

With files from Lindsay Bird