15-year-old Hannah Wadman-Scanlan is already an accomplished performer, but she has released a new ukulele CD Silver Linings.

She's been playing music since she was four with piano lessons, but when she received a ukulele for Christmas from a friend of hers she started learning to play right away.

Wadman-Scanlan put together an album in February during The Scope's 2013 RPM challenge, where musicians put together an album with 10 songs, or 35 minutes long, in a short period of time.

According to Wadman-Scanlan, the challenge was a good way to start the song writing process.

"Even when you didn't really have anything to write about, you only had a certain amount of time so you had to write, so it was kind of frustrating sometimes," she said.

"It was hard to make sure they were different and you didn't have much time."

She's now writing songs to use on a professional album.

You can catch her on the Pet Network show Mickey's Farm — if you have cable TV — playing Megan.