Some young baseball players got a major league treat on Thursday in Corner Brook — meeting several former Toronto Blue Jays, who were in town for a camp.

Eighty-five kids got to hang out with baseball greats like Roberto Alomar, Sandy Alomar Sr., Lloyd Moseby and Duane Ward.  

The two-day camp is part of a nation-wide tour. This is the first time the camp has been held in Corner Brook.

Former pitcher Duane Ward said it all starts out with the parents.

"The parents are the ones who make the commitment to say, 'Hey, we are going to put you in this Honda Super Camp, with the Toronto Blue Jays, and you guys go out there and learn,'" said Ward.

Sandy Alomar with kids at Blue Jays camp

Sandy Alomar Jr., former major league player and brother of Roberto Alomar, at this week's baseball camp in Corner Brook. (CBC)

"It starts with them ... they are the ones that recognize us and they are the ones going, 'I remember cheering you in 1992, and I remember cheering you in 1993,'" he told CBC.

Former second-baseman and hall of famer Roberto Alomar said the camps are about giving back to the community. 

"I know that the kids are too young, but they can Google it, and they can learn about us. Maybe they can ask questions to their parents to know what we did and how we play, but it's always fun," he said. 

"It's always fun to meet new kids and it's always fun to meet their parents," Alomar said.