The young bald eagles still in the nest in Cuckold's Cove on Signal Hill are growing up, and birders only have a short time left to spot the creatures before they take flight.

Birder Jared Clarke said the two remaining eaglets are nearly able to take flight, and while they'll stay in the area for a while, they won't be easily spotted.

"These two chicks are now two and a half months old and getting pretty close to their first flight, I would think, and they certainly look it here today doing a lot of wing stretching and standing on the edge peering down," he said.

"I would expect that any time within the next week they won't be staying in this nest, but they'll be staying in this area."

However, bird enthusiasts can remain hopeful; Clarke said he expects the same birds will be back in the area by this time next year.

"These young ones, in a few years' time when they're old enough to breed, they'll probably nest somewhere in the vicinity, as well."