You said it: Notable quotes of 2012

Check out a collection of some the notable quotables CBC Newfoundland and Labrador collected over the last 12 months.

We're in the business of interviewing people, and during the course of the last 12 months CBC journalists have carried out thousands of interviews.

We went through the stories of the last year, and compiled this collection of quotations. They are presented in no particular order of importance.

"I feel like he's been embarrassed, bullied, and I think what she [did] was very disgraceful. I think my son was treated not like a human being — I think he was treated like a dog, or a cat."  — Twillingate mother Patti Rideout, reacting to how her 10-year-old son had been sprayed with Febreze after she fed him fried capelin for lunch

"We truly believe that Burton would still be with us today if the search and rescue response time had been quicker." — Nunatsiavut president Jim Lyall on the death of Makkovik teen Burton Winters

Trooper singer Ra Maguire met the cat that shared the band's name during a stop in Pasadena in July. (CBC)

"He may be more famous than me, but he's a lot shorter." —  Ra Maguire, lead singer of venerable Canadian rock band Trooper, in July, as he met the once-frozen cat that made national news last February

"I always thought I had a job in the Marystown plant. Now I've got nothing." — Lucy Prior, a member of the former OCI workforce in Marystown, reacting this spring to the plant's shutdown.

"The Bible says God forgives us our sins/ May him strike me dead next time I wanna throw a fist/ Heads low only feelin' remorse so/ Take this verse I wrote resourceful/ God help this felon's scorned soul." —  Some of the rapped apology that Matthew King, 22, gave in St. John's courtroom in September; he was later sentenced for a brutal assault against a teenager. Read more here.

"I will absolutely trash your minister, say what a bunch of idiots she's got working in her department. Fix the problem and fix it today, or there will be lots of trouble." —  Some of what Liberal MHA Jim Bennett left in a voicemail for a PC staffer to cabinet minister Joan (Burke) Shea; Bennett apologized later

Lake Melville MHA Keith Russell sparked several controversies with remarks over the year. (CBC)

"I don't buy into the mumbo jumbo about the trail leading to the Muskrat Falls site as being sacred ground. You can romanticize and sensationalize that particular piece of land all you want, but it is a resource." — Tory backbencher Keith Russell in September, in one of several comments that drew criticism. Russell later withdrew these remarks.  

"The Harper government is pretty well immovable for the next four or five years. But there will be another time, there will be another government. And it won't be a Harper government - thank God - and we'll see some movement when it comes to treating this province fairly." — St. John's Mayor Dennis O'Keefe, who has been working on Tory campaigns since the early 1960s, expressing his frustrations with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  

"Essentially, the fate of the mill is now in your hands." — Joseph Kruger, in a high-stakes letter sent in June to employees of the Corner Brook newsprint mill. Workers rejected the offer, but accepted another one in a later vote.

"There are two explanations for that. One is that they have something to hide. The other is absolute incompetence. You take your choice. Either way, it's frightening." — Richard Cashin, a leader of the 2041 Energy group, on why he felt Premier Kathy Dunderdale's government ignored requests from the Public Utilities Board for more information on Muskrat Falls

Laura Wood, 95, killed a moose on her first shot during a September hunting trip. (Courtesy of Sandy Point Lodge)

"Well, I just shot it." — Nova Scotia resident Laura Wood, 95, describing how she killed a moose on her first shot during a hunting trip

"I haven't been able to strongly support the leadership of our party for the past couple of years. That's no secret within the caucus. That's no secret within the party." — Tom Osborne, explaining his decision in September to quit the PC caucus and sit as an Independent

"The Lower Churchill projects will receive the support they need to move forward, which will have significant economic and environmental gains due to a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions." — Prime Minister Stephen Harper, announcing the terms of a federal loan guarantee for Muskrat Falls on Nov. 30

"She was so cold, she had a job to speak." — Wayne Worthman, the fire chief in Heart's Delight, on how a six-year-old girl somehow survived a trek through snow and an icy river

"I decided that even though I can't change the rules I can make them feel better." — Elijah Porter, 10, describing what motivated him to donate his Timbit soccer medal to disqualified Canadian runners at the Olympics

"You have to wonder, once you're on the highways, which you're in more danger of. Are you in danger from the moose, or are you in danger from the drivers?" — Lt.-Gov. John Crosbie, commenting on what he called unsafe habits of too many highway drivers

Dean MacDonald bowed out of the upcoming Liberal leadership race. (CBC)

"Timing is everything. This time is not mine." — Dean MacDonald in November, revealing that he is sitting out the upcoming Liberal leadership race

"She was tenacious, she was informed and she researched so well … Whenever there was a story to be had, she was there to cover it." — NSO conductor Peter Gardner on CBC arts producer Suzanne Woolridge, who died of ALS in late January

"I haven't seen that amount of fish or the size of the fish that we encountered this spring in, well, it's over 20 years." — Fisheries scientist George Rose expressing his cautious optimism about the shape of northern cod stocks

"It's like your skin is melting. You're trying to get it off but you can't." — Bouncer Matthew Gushue on the proliferation of bear spray on George Street

"Part of our history is also whaling, for example, and the day came when the whaling industry stopped. Now, is that day coming with the seal hunt? It just may be." — Ryan Cleary, St. John's South-Mount Pearl MP, igniting a debate in January on the value of the seal industry 

"We were looking for something completely different, not a submarine, not a U-boat - I mean, no one would ever believe that was possible." — Brian Corbin, one of the searchers who found what could be a German submarine at the bottom of Labrador's Churchill River

"I've been cast as a thief, Dingy." — Alan Doyle, tweeting on how he will be shooting a new movie with long-time friend Russell Crowe

"It soon became apparent that we would not be receiving all the information required to complete our review." — Acting Auditor-General Wayne Loveys' understated comment on being denied access to the provincial government's $5-billion infrastructure strategy

"We may be a small province, but by God we are a strong one. Way to go men. Stand your ground and don't back down." — Kelly Slaney, author of A letter from a fisherman's daughter, one of our most-read stories